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Book of Ra Deluxe - Book of Ra Online Casinos 2018

When it comes to slot games, Book of Ra makes it to the most popular list of online casino games. It was Novomatic’s first enormous machine game success. Book of Ra has been and still is the most popular online casino game. Ever since its inception as Book of Ra classic to its improvement as Book of Ra deluxe, online casinos players have a reason to keep playing. Book of Ra deluxe is an upgrade version of Book of Ra classic. The game inspiration comes from the Book of Ra original slot. Its main story comes from a tale of an explorer on an adventure looking for the hidden Book of Ra. Book of Ra Deluxe offers a better experience in comparison with its old version. The improvements done by Novomatic on its software improve not only enriches its outlook but also the gaming experience.

Book of Ra Online Casinos 2018

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  • 100% Bonus up to £200
  • Bonuscode: Not Required
  • Very fast Payouts
  • Very good Customer Service
  • Great Game selection

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Book of Ra Deluxe features

Like mentioned earlier, the origin of Book of Ra is from the Book of Ra original. The game allows the player to take on the character of Indiana Jones and explorer and adventurer looking for the lost and ancient Book of Ra in the Egyptian sandy deserts. It is a five reel and ten payline slot machine game. Book of Ra deluxe uses simple Novomatic systems that are easy to navigate. The game console is easy to use, and it can establish the wager value per line and the number of lines. The game setting of Book of Ra deluxe is Egypt. The game has the familiar scenery of the Giza plateau and pyramids pictured against an astonishing orange and red sunset. The monuments and Giza plateau act as the background for the Book of Ra Deluxe machine game. Seeming that the slot game focuses on Ra an ancient Egyptian God, this aspect helps to set the mood of the game for players.

Book of Ra deluxe reels comes placed over a tablet of stone with Egyptian hieroglyphics that look quite authentic. The ancient hierographic make the game look real and fun to play. The symbols featured on the reel include an Egyptian pharaoh, a death mask golden in colour, a golden-winged figure statue, a scared beetle in a box, and the fedora. However, there are some notable differences between the classic book of Ra and the book of Ra Deluxe. The first and most important detail is that Book of Ra deluxe has ten paylines while classic has five paylines. The Book of Ra deluxe version has improved audio and graphics, unlike the classic version. Nevertheless, the Novomatic software team ensured that most of the slot game features in the standard version of Book of Ra remained the same in the Book of Ra deluxe version. Other elements of Book of Ra deluxe include the wild symbols that help to substitute additional symbols on the slot game. A player uses the wild symbols, which allows them to trigger free spins on the Book of Ra Deluxe. As with plenty of Novomatic online casinos slot games, book of Ra deluxe features a black or red card gamble game. When you win any game on the Book of Ra slot game, the player gets the option to gamble his/her winnings or play it safe and keep their victories. The card game increases the chances of a player doubling their winnings.

What makes Book of Ra Online Casinos special?

There are plenty of Book of Ra online casinos in the gambling world currently. Therefore, finding that one slot game machine to play proves to be quite a challenge for gamblers on online casinos platforms. Nevertheless once, you obtain the slot game you are looking for; you will not opt for other machine game as an Book of Ra online casino player. You get directly to the fun of everything, that is the whole purpose of online casinos, and their different game selection offers.

For slot game lovers, Book of Ra Deluxe is something not new to you. It has been and always will be one of those slot machine games to gain so much popularity over the recent years.

Let us look at why online casinos cannot have enough of the Book of Ra Deluxe.

Apart from its features, Book of Ra Deluxe has plenty to offer. The first thing on the list that makes Book of Ra so special, is the extended paylines. Its classic version has five paylines while its improved version has ten paylines. Online casinos find the extended paylines for the Book of Ra deluxe helpful to their players as they play the game with a lot of excitement. The slot game also provides an option of coin size online casinos that can have their players choose. You can play, the book of Ra deluxe with coins as low as €0.04, €0.05,€0.08, €0.10, €0.20, €0.30,€0.40, €0.50,€0.80,€1.00,€2.00. Nevertheless, by using coins as low as €0.04, the minimum line you can play on the Book of Ra Deluxe online casinos slot game is five lines. Online casinos encourage their players to activate all the paylines to enhance their chances of attaining higher wins. Despite the downside of the low coin paylines, Book of Ra still ensures that when a player uses a small bet of €0.04, the cost will be €0.20 and the first jackpot for such a low odds will be €200.

It still proves that gamblers on online casinos can even have amazing wins with very little. It is essential that slot lovers especially those of Book of Ra deluxe; to remember what allows them to increase their winnings on online casinos is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol also assists players of the slot game trigger ten free games and other unique expanding features. The Book of Ra symbol is also a particular reason that keeps slot lovers playing the game. The logo has two roles, it acts as a wildcard, and takes up the part of everything in the game expect the Hierographics symbols with bonuses. Secondly, the Book of Ra symbol also acts as a scatter multiplier for all your winnings. The symbols allow players on the online casino's platforms to win twice on one spin. It is a feature that no other games on online casinos have. For players who have extra time and budget to commit to the game, a few 100 spins on the reels can make any online casino player a significant win. Having the right combination of paylines and symbols on the game can earn any player an upward reward of up to 15000 times the original bet you may wager. Such an upward award is the largest for online casinos games. Finally, for online casinos platform players, the game allows you to play for fun. Playing for fun does not mean playing for money, it can also mean getting excited about the fun the game offers. For any online casinos player, you get the opportunity to sit back with a cold beer and keep playing for as long as you desire.

With Book of Ra deluxe popularity, what are the exceptional bonus features accessible to players?

Online casinos offer a variety of unique bonus features for their players. Each game option on online casinos platform comes with a bonus for new and existing players. The bonus feature is no exception for Book of Ra deluxe game. The bonus features for the game include welcome rewards, wild card, and free spins. Online casinos offer welcome bonuses for new players that enrol on their platform to access their slot game. For any deposit, a new player makes on online casinos platforms to play the Book of Ra slot game; they receive a specific percentage increase in their collateral. The slot game offers the wild card bonus to new and existing players while playing the game. The Book of Ra acts as a wild card when players use it to replace all the other game symbols to help form a winning combination. For instance, when three archaeologists in the game appear with two wilds, a player can win up to 100 times their bet line. Also, a majority of online casinos run promotional offers and campaign jackpots that a player can only get by playing the book of Ra slots game. The free spins bonus allows the Book of Ra game to come alive making it enjoyable for players to continue playing. When a player triggers the free spins, the Book of Ra guarantees incredible wins. To trigger the free spins, a gambler has to use the scatter symbols available to their advantage. Once you trigger a free spin, a player gets up to 10 turns. To make the open spins more interesting, Novematic added a new perfect streak that increases wins when combined with an extra unique expanding symbol. When taking your free turns, the expanding logo appears, and it expands occupying the three positions on the reel. It then assists players to increase their winnings up to 200 times if all six pitch. Any experienced player can re-trigger the free spin feature, and this offers you a chance at another ten free spins making it 20 bonus free spins. The beautiful thing about the Book of Ra game on online casinos platform, they offer a player the opportunity of a free demonstration. The free presentation serves as the training centre for a player to acquire a skill or two and get to access the free spin bonus offer that will help them maximise their winnings.

How can a player play in a Book of Ra Online Casino?

There are plenty of avenues for players to access the Book of Ra deluxe game. The first platform being on online casinos platform. Online casinos have the pivoting force behind the successful Novomatic game. Different casinos offer various ways for their players to access the game without much difficulty. The online casino offers a better option for players to play the slot game wherever and whenever. The first benefit of using an online casino site to access the game is that it allows you as their player access to various demos of the game. The free demos enable amateur players a look into the features and learn how to navigate their way through the game when they come to playing it. Players on online casinos also get to enjoy playing the game by using a full-featured version of the slot game free. You do not require making any deposit or downloading the game software or use any other applicants to gain access to the game. Online casinos also allow their players to access marvellous bonus and promotional offers that accompany the game. All a player just has to do is register on their website and then get to select the Book of Ra game. The other way for a player to access the game is by using the mobile software provided by the Novematic community of online casino partners. The mobile app allows players to access the game with ease and play it on the go without any distractions. You can also access it directly via a desktop or a laptop with a flash browser. However, the desktop version may have loading issues. A player may also use third party application options. Third party applications offer the player an opportunity of not having to download the additional software. For players wondering if they can play the game free, well allow me to burst that bubble thought. It is not possible to play the game free because very many platforms prefer cash deposits for you to gain access to the game. The most suitable method of pocketing the free play offers on the game is by making an actual deposit to your account. The cash deposit you make assists in dramatically dropping the wagering restriction on the game. The dropped wagering restrictions grant players the opportunity to get the astonishing free spins and other bonuses available in the game.

Book of Ra tips and tricks

It is no secret that such games like the Book of Ra often have the description of classic personal luck games. The report is mainly because not many players know how to play the game and win it. What Book of Ra tips and tricks should each player know about the game? The first tip is practising playing the game plenty of times. Like the Englishmen say practice, practice makes perfect. Most sites that offer the game allow players free flash demos that players can use as the ideal training ground to know the ins and outs of the game. Another tip to win more on the book of Ra game is reading the game instructions. It is unfortunate that only a small percentage of people are willing to learn the game instructions before actually playing it. The game instructions are helpful in advising players on the game plan, the purpose of every symbol, and how to maximise on the scatter symbols. From learning the guidelines, a player gets to determine the whole game plan for winning outcomes in the game. The third tip to use is taking advantage of the free money. There is nothing more exciting for any online casino player than the knowledge of betting with money that has not come from their pockets. The free money bonus offered by most casinos can assist any player serious about winning to learn and practice their slot machine techniques. However, the available money tip has a little trick in it; the free money bonus can serve as a machine warm-up that will assist players to see an increase in their earnings when they switch to real money. Another tip is that it is always advisable to select the best bonus offers, complete payment methods, and an excellent security system. The best bonus, security, and payment methods help protect the game from manipulation from other players or the game developers. It also provides you with a secure assurance that the game is fair at all times. You can also select the maximum payline amount, but this is very dependent on the budget you have. For players, it is important not to hesitate when selecting a gambling option. The gambling option you choose helps you maximise your chances of multiplying your winnings. Always remember some of the tips other sites provide may not be practical. It is essential to stick to what you know, and you might even end up surprising yourself.

Is the book of Ra download site genuine?

As I mentioned earlier, there are several avenues you can access the game. However, with the download version of the game being available, it is essential to find out how genuine the site is and the steps you require to access it on your phone or PC. Like plenty of other online games have, a downloadable version of different games same to the deluxe version. Nevertheless, there are several steps you require before downloading and installing the software. It is essential to read the instructions and understand them. The guidelines provide a clear path on valuable information about the compatibility with other devices, quality, and performance of the software. Another crucial aspect to take into consideration is the security of the software you desire to install. Here are just a few things to look into when installing the software. First, make sure the browser on your casino site features a green padlock sign. Second, ensure when using a third-party website the place you are downloading from is authentic and safe. Meaning that no additional add-ons and plugins are asked for, before you can proceed to download it. The third point to note, click the download button and wait for the game to your Mac or PC to download it. Then finally install the game after the download is complete. The download version of the game allows players to interact with a friendly interface that is easy to play.

The pros and cons of the slot and Book of Ra online casinos

Being a fan of the game, it is essential to know whether the game is worth your time or not. Here are a few key points that are worth exploring before putting your cash on the line.

  • The game offers plenty of pleasure for online casino gamblers seeking an opportune time to unwind and relax.
  • It allows players to bet with low amounts or thousands of pounds at once.
  • The game offers its players plenty of free spins that help extend the reel time of players. Increase in reel time means an increase in the chances for players to walk away with huge winnings.
  • The game has a simple to use interface. The interface helps players get a grip on the gameplay with no complications whatsoever.
  • The deluxe version offers better graphics and audio compared to its classic version.
  • It has higher paylines in comparison to other games present on online casino platforms.
  • It has extra spin symbols that serve as players chance to increase their winnings.
  • The best software developers in the world make the game. Novomatic software developers ensure your game graphics are up to the standards of well-known casino games.


  • It can take plenty of spins for a player to land serious scatter spins.
  • The added features on the deluxe version are not so many, meaning that the improvements of the game from the older version are not easily notable.
  • The desktop accessibility is weak compared to the mobile and tablet versions of the game.


With its popularity, the game may take some time before players can get tired of playing it. The fantastic paylines, low deposits for the games and other plenty of benefits keep the game leading among other games available on online casino platforms. If you are looking for a game that will relax you and have fun, the deluxe version is the appropriate game for you. Feel free to download the mobile version of the game to access the game on the go. You can also play it on your chosen online casino website on your Pc or laptop device.