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Book of Ra Tricks and Tips

Since its initial release back in the early 2000s, Book of Ra has emerged as one of the single most popular online slot machine games and has spawned several sequels and a number of similar games. It has retained its popularity thanks to a combination of its return to player rate, its attention-grabbing Ancient Egyptian theme and its overall playability, and as a result, many players are on the lookout for Book of Ra tricks and cheats.

As you might expect with such an established game, there are a number of Book of Ra tips and cheats to be found on the internet, with most of them promising to improve your chances of winning big prizes. While there are some legitimate Book of Ra tricks and cheats that can help to enhance your overall play, it is not possible to manipulate the game and its odds to any great extent and most claims of fool-proof cheats or hacks are spurious.

In this article, we attempt to separate the fact from the fiction, take a closer look at real Book of Ra tricks and cheats you can use to your advantage, and offer some advice on how to truly get the most from the game.

Book of Ra Tricks: The Basics

Before going in-depth on Book of Ra tips, cheats or specific strategies, the first thing that needs to be covered is the fact that Book of Ra is an online slot machine game, which is based on luck and random outcomes, rather than pure skill. Therefore, any website that claims to offer Book of Ra tricks or cheats that will fundamentally alter your odds of actually winning on spins should be treated with extreme caution and scepticism.

With that being said, while it is a game of chance, there are also some legitimate Book of Ra tips and strategies that can be deployed in order to improve long-term outcomes and success, while reducing your chances of leaving the game table empty-handed. Some of these Book of Ra tricks may not technically be cheats in the truest sense, but they do provide a means of taking advantage of the way in which the game actually functions.

Typically, modern slot machines are set up to pay out between 80 and 98 percent of the money that is wagered by players and this is referred to as the ‘return to player rate'. With this particular game, the return to player rate stands at 94 percent. This is reasonably high and means that, when armed with some basic Book of Ra tips or cheats, a player's chances of walking away with winnings are fairly good, assuming time and money is invested.

Therefore, on a very basic level, one of the most effective Book of Ra tips to keep in mind is that adopting a long-term strategy is more likely to result in lucrative winnings being claimed. While many sites will claim to have Book of Ra tricks and cheats that guarantee big prizes quickly, the reality is that small wagers over a longer period of time are going to be a better option for the vast majority of players than seeking quick cheats.

Book of Ra Tricks: Play For Free

Many online casinos offer ‘Play For Free' and ‘Play For Real' options for punters and although the ‘Play For Free' option will not allow you to stake money, make use of the Book of Ra tips and cheats on this page and win cash prizes, it can still play a vital role in your success. The real value in this option is allowing players to familiarise themselves with how the game works, which combinations of symbols produce high payouts, and so forth.

In truth, Book of Ra is a fairly standard and typical online casino slots game in terms of how it actually operates and while some of its features were a novelty at the time of release, they are now widespread. Despite this, it is still worth taking the time to truly get to grips with. For instance, the Book of Ra symbol itself functions as both a scatter and a wild, while the Indiana Jones-like man provides the highest payouts.

As far as specific Book of Ra tips and Book of Ra tricks are concerned, players should try to get used to how the ‘Gamble Game' and ‘Autoplay' features work and try to become comfortable playing the game itself. This basic understanding of the game can go a long way towards improving success rates, allowing Book of Ra tips to be put to good use, and preventing some of the poor strategic decisions that are often born out of confusion or uncertainty.

In some ways, familiarising yourself with the game, the rules, the pay table and the basic features are not so much Book of Ra tricks or cheats as they are essential prerequisites for success. The ‘Play For Free' option provides a genuinely useful environment for getting used to the absolute fundamentals of the game, without requiring you to risk your own cash in the process, meaning you can save it for when you are ready.

Book of Ra Tricks: Spreading Bets

Another of the most important Book of Ra tips to take into account is the advantage of spreading bets across the various different pay lines. Certainly, when you first start out, the allure of big pay-offs may tempt you into placing big stakes on single pay lines, but it will usually be more beneficial to have a more steady approach, based on casting your net a little wider and hedging your bets a little more.

To increase your chances of achieving some success, it is usually best to try to cover all of the available pay lines, but definitely more than one. If you have a sizeable budget to begin with, or if you start to build up a solid amount by using these Book of Ra tricks, this becomes easier to achieve, as you can spread your bets out to cover more pay lines, increasing your chances of landing one of the trios required for the really big prizes.

Book of Ra Tricks: Free Spins Bonus

One of the most obvious Book of Ra tricks that you should try to keep in mind is that the free spins bonus can be used to great effect, improving your chances of winning. Again, this is another reason why taking a longer-term approach to the game and spreading bets across multiple pay lines is the best method, because doing so will significantly increase the number of free spin bonuses you actually earn along the way.

The thing to remember is, while wagering large amounts of money will improve your winnings if successful, the actual amount you wager has no bearing on the amount of free spin bonuses you receive. Whether you put down a large or small wager, the resulting free spins will be the same. By placing small wagers, you can take a slower approach, but earn more free spins in the long run, because you will be able to place more wagers.

Building up a decent amount of free spins, when combined with some of the other Book of Ra tips provided here, will give you a great chance of walking away with decent returns, as long as you put the time in.

Book of Ra Tricks: ‘Gamble Game' Feature

Many of the Book of Ra tips and cheats provided on this page are equally applicable to other luck-based slots games, but one feature which helps Book of Ra to stand out from similar games is the ‘Gamble Game' feature. It is worth actually taking the time to play the game so that you can fully understand how this option works, but in simple terms, it allows you to stake the money you have actually won on higher return rates.

Any site offering Book of Ra tips would be remiss not to mention this feature, because it is through ‘Gamble Game' that players can start to make big money. The game itself does not feature many multipliers, but through this option, you can potentially double your earnings. That said, while it is often sensible to use it, a tactical approach should be adopted and players should not feel tempted to gamble every time the option presents itself.

Try to keep in mind that the ‘Gamble Game' feature could mean wagering your entire available budget, so you should think carefully about when to use it and whether you can afford it. If you have the luxury of being able to afford it, the ‘Gamble Game' option is the single best way to chase those huge returns, but you should not use it when there is a significant risk. Do not be afraid to pass up the option in exchange for smaller, safer bets.

Book of Ra Cheats and Hacks: Explained

Alongside the various websites on the internet claiming to offer Book of Ra tips, Book of Ra tricks and Book of Ra cheats that will all-but-guarantee success, the game has also been subject to persistent rumours that it is in some way vulnerable to hacking. According to these reports, the game can be exploited, and this hacking process allows players to cheat the system, consistently win and earn huge cash prizes as a result.

Such rumours, which extend beyond the realms of Book of Ra tips and into the field of outright manipulation of the game's workings, have been around since its initial release in the early 2000s and continue to be spread to this day. Indeed, Google search terms like “Book of Ra hacks” rank alongside “Book of Ra cheats” and “Book of Ra tips” as common search strings associated with the game and will return countless results.

To be absolutely clear, all of these claims and reports are entirely false. The game is not and never has been vulnerable to exploitation or cheats in this way and all of these websites stop short of actually providing information beyond the kind of Book of Ra tips provided on this page. Like other games of its type, Book of Ra is a game of chance and of understanding when to carry on and when to stop. There is no way to guarantee big wins.

Ultimately, in order to succeed, you will need to make use of some of the small number of legitimate Book of Ra tips and Book of Ra tricks that are available, and learn to adopt a strategy of investing sufficient time and money into actually playing the game, rather than trying to expose vulnerabilities with it.

Book of Ra Tricks: The Final Word

Although a great many online websites will claim to be able to offer Book of Ra tips or cheats that can fundamentally improve your odds of successful outcomes, players should be extremely sceptical of any such claims. The reality is that Book of Ra is a game that is based on chance, and despite reports to the contrary, there are no real cheats or hacks that can guarantee wins or impact upon the outcome of the actual spins.

Nevertheless, there are certain Book of Ra tricks and strategies that can pay dividends and at least improve your chances of leaving with winnings. For example, taking the time to really familiarise yourself with exactly how the game works and which symbols and matches result in larger winnings is a good start, and it is also worth learning how the ‘Gamble Game' and ‘Autoplay' features work, so they can be used effectively too.

It is equally important to understand that the nature of the game itself means that it is better suited to players who adopt a measured strategy and utilise Book of Ra tips over the long-term. In most cases, this kind of approach will be based around multiple smaller wagers, which are spread across the different pay lines, rather than placing large individual wagers and expecting big money returns straight away.

Moreover, some additional Book of Ra tricks to keep in mind include taking advantage of the free spin bonuses whenever they occur and making tactical use of the ‘Gamble Game' feature, which can be risky, but which can also potentially boost winnings substantially. With the right approach in place, the final piece of the jigsaw is to know when enough is enough and withdraw your winnings while you are ahead, rather than getting too greedy.